Who is Ryno Steyn?

That is a much bigger question than we have time for, but suffice to say, for the purposes of this website, he is a middle-aged photography student that tries not to take life too seriously and thinks it's weird speaking about himself in the third-person. He became a photography student for simple reasons:

  • to view the world in different ways,
  • become better at finding beauty,
  • grow as a person,
  • in some small way document his life through pictures and videography before cancer kills him, and
  • continue to get student discount on his software subscriptions.

In the wise words of Ansel Adams and because every outstanding web site needs a good quote,

"A good photograph is knowing where to stand"

Through the study & practise of photography he hopes to reconnect with the world & figure out a good place to stand, because knowing where to stand, is possibly the most important thing in life.

What Do I Do?

Usually I wait for hours, days or weeks for the light to be just right, then point my camera and release the shutter. The rest is up to the moment.

What is My Process?

Lately it's been rolling out of bed before sunrise, going to the beach and waiting for the daybreak and the perfect light, only to be foiled by the clouds. #Patience.

Like My Work?

If you like my work & want to use it, send me a message and we can discuss it.

Happy Customers

"World's okayest dad."



Mrs. Steyn


Her Majesty, the Queen